I used to be alone 
Surrounded by the crowd.
Life was just simple like
Simple like the black and white.
Seasons were passing by
Nothing left to say goodbye. 
What's left beyond the day
How you took my breath away.

You came from outta' sight
What a beautiful surprise
What happened to the sky
Just in time it colorized:
Rainbows and northern lights 
But you were feeling never-mind.
And I had no breath to say 
'Cuz you took it all away.

Now you're so far away
Feels just like yesterday
Me, myself and lonely light 
Seems like it could never die.
This is a happy end
I will never comprehend
That’s how the love became
When you stole my breath away.

Иван Дорн – В низком регистре я никогда не звучал так хорошо.

Гнев — Непростая простота.

Сура — Очень быстро записали. Песня душевная вышла. Гена зашел и сказал, что у него ассоциации с океаном и со старым фильмом. История возникает на пляже у костра и там же заканчивается.

Пахатам – Мурашки.