Who wants to have a little bit of fun?
Go back!
A little bit…  fun
And never go back!

Once you go black you never go back.
She won’t fly so dim the daylight.
Middle-class guys lost to the lust 
Criminal backyards! Going on what’s?

I want to have a little bit of fun
But it’s not that easy. Is it what I really want?
Take one more step, then I’m on a dirty side. 
And I’ll say "Hi" to my night butterfly.
Who wants to have a butterfly switch?
Then you could the rich! Then you could be the richest bitch.
Then you can never catch, you can never hit bulls eye.
Her footprints fly! Night butterfly…

Minimum love, there’s just an element of it
Super soft, then it could be rough
Dripping Drops, the midnight cops
– Why you do this?
– Shut the fuck Up!

Dripping drops 
Dropping drips… 

Иван Дорн – Ребята, мы написали Collab’у, нам можно спокойно умирать.

Гнев — Вирус! При всем отвращении к ней, ты заражаешься этой эпидемией.

Сура — Недооцененный ребенок со скрытыми сверхвозможностями! Ее костяк появился после джема с Mujuice.

Пахатам – На голову не налезет.