P o e m s
I am an artist, for me music - life.
And I dilyusya it with all those who wish.
This is the main point for me pure perception.
Even for all utyh who I do not perceive,
I stand for a musical future.
For me this place - not just a scene.
It mouthpiece, where I say, "People believe in their I
And the independence of each individual. "
When I do not love through music, thought
Whether voice, just like - OK, take it easy.
I feel particularly hurt until then,
As is accused of dislike for the country.
I do not shout from the scene of his patriotism.
Although, some of my power demand.
Instead, I cry that I Ukrainian artist
And that Ukrainian staying abroad.
I want to collect thousands through music.
For a patriotic speeches have stadiums.
That is why I have the best audience
What do not doubt the patriotism Dorn.
Once journalist kapryznыy
Asked a question for sotssetey:
"Do you Bыl tot IZ day life,
Tochnee, samыy Important day? "
Answer not poluchylsya srochnыm.
Snachala I said something there.
Sweat bыt Can, but not exactly -
My day rozhdenyya to light.
With technical cf. passed already a lot,
And, protыkaya TIME skvoz,
Moё asked soznane
All kaverznыy tot same question.
And asked, after something
All ish I did not find the answer -
Toth samыy Important Day sluchylsya
Or something no eschё yet?
I recently pryshёl for the reply,
Something Important Day - is, when
Faces at me like no fear and
Nadeau Exit syuda.
When support for mnoy Worth
IZ эtyh chetverыh Male,
A pre mnoy - magnets derzhyt
All These thousands of people.
When all mokraya Clothing,
A groove kachaet All strong.
When sofytы hreyut nezhno,
A LOOK eschё people strong.
When I vyzhu - you tseplyaet
We prydumannыy motive
Hall gradually ozhyvaet,
And I also chuvstvuyu, something lived.
When I bezrazmerno Bohlen,
I Bohlen topics Around something there,
A All Around something there, the more pain,
Navek ostanetsya SHM here.
When all These lines Above
In essence quietly brosayut shadow,
Thanks to all - today vыshel
Specifically, samыy Important day!
We with you as a mortgage, do not of course Gemini,
We pray for the scene and infinite freedom voyuem tozhe.
Vы shly own way for freedom pod avtomatov barrel,
We tozhe shly pod barrel, but radyoformatov.
Prodyuserы, soldatы, War, an ...
This is not upon us, but with us, mother ego, always.
And Contrary nevzhodam chernoy storony as I stand here svobodny such well As a vы.
In what I namekayu? In it, something time has come ...
Today We freely Together ***** t of this room!

(At the concert in Tel Aviv)
Ft smotrysh, How to live beautifully
All Around pronosyatsya someone,
And your strength zhyznennaya
Just svodytsya for zero.
And ft eschё not znaesh someone ft,
As prosыpaeshsya s utra,
And, sort of, upon porabotat,
And something, and How, and where, Where To?
Here My council -
First, Enough
Svoё unыnye terpet.
Slezaya every day with beds,
Cheho something dolzhen ft hotet.
Vozmy wish such
To slozhno It would dostych purpose,
And SHM - stupenka for stupenkoy,
And not sdavaysya, and not hnыch.
Togda and Sun zasverkaet,
Togda opyat zahochesh live.
And If - no, I do not know togda -
Try odolzhyt of money.
Topics ...
Who still co me up,
When volume is something BEZHYM, hey God,
And IZ no easy way,
And, kotoroj We bezhym.
Topics someone forgive me peremenы
And years with my co samыh First,
Online vpytыval naprotyv scene,
What I co scene "Predlozhyl."
All, someone I co oposlEe,
When my co bыt slozhnee
and "neposlEdovatelnee"
Rabies I bы Hoteliers tozhe!
Who does not Hoteliers on dolhosrochno
Confused lysh Only a couple strochek,
and became a samыm Sochnыm Results -
Two zaletel album.
All, someone forgive me molchalyvost,
"So Ono uzho rodylos!"
And all my nevыnosymost.
I still nevыnoshus !!!
I want everybody to say: "Thank you"
Where we do not carry the bы,
Always co me your strength,
Otherwise I do not doberus!

Poetry to my audience!
Ivan Dorn 25.02.17
If we would ask yzmenytsya,
I bы not menyalsya Everybody.
For the second menyatsya not hodytsya,
Razv nemnoho something for themselves.
Won Pokorna plyashet the arena
Who in the face of people forever
Populyarnыy plennyk Modified,
Or formatnaya same stars.
And When strelyayut point zrenyy,
Quick and sending fly
Thoughts "adekvatnыh" generations
On the "inadequate" ft.
Remember, something in the system Modified
People are frozen are equal:
Liboje us menyayut hundreds mnenyy,
We Liboje me this world.
I dedicate the song to those who fanatical from Jordan.
Those who broke the jackpot, having played on the 23rd black.
Those who have 23 or 23 inside.
Who with this figure sailed and those who are with her along the way.
Who is with this number in the car, the house and the apartment.
Who this time will celebrate his 24.
Who is 23 in the list, and before was a hundred somewhere.
Who in the half marathon runs another kilometer.
To those who were put in the diary only 2-ki and 3-ki.
The one who at 23:00 is already lying on the bed.
Those who understand everything and who do not care about this number,
After all, they listen to the 8th track in the second album.