I wanna slow it down.
Love is coming and about to invade my mind.
Time, help me please and
Save me a minute. 
I need a better place to hide. 

Don't think that I am your bloodline. 
My heart is blind 
And I don’t want you.

No common themes, 
No sweet love things,
No chemistry,
Cuz i don’t feel you.

Think, you know me
From A to Z.
It's fantasy
Cuz you don't know me.

Be safe tonight. 
Don’t drink and drive
I apologize.

Your sight crossed with mine 
And got me hypnotized.
Then you crossed the line and gave me a kiss-goodbye.
Taste got into my veins, awoke my butterflies. 
That’s why I want to find a better place to hide.

Love is not my mission
I am not your lover 
Over and Over 
Be free forever.
Ya ne hochu lyubvi.
Ne smotri na menya, nu otvedi glaza.
Skryt’sia! Pomogite kuda-nibud’ skryt’sia ili kuda-to spryatat’sya.

Ivan Dorn – The most excruciating song on the album. But if you suffer for a long time, a good surprise will come out.

Gnev – The form is jarring. I think I’ll break down and change it just for myself!

Sura – We started a toy war for the form of this song. Negotiations were held, press conferences were convened, agreements on compromises were signed.

Pahatam – Drunken beat.