Goodbye future life
Goodbye you ran away  
You know I just realised
That you left yesterday. 

Goodbye for a while
Don’t cry, we’ll meet again
Cuz the future never dies
In my other plan. 

You can hide yourself in the days
You can runaway to someone else
Finally, in my favourite dream 
I’ll meet you again.

Goodbye Lullaby 
About she will be gone
I had spent so many nights
To forget what we’ve begun. 

Goodbye brown eyes
Though, I can’t let you go
How could we have trusted lies 
That we would never grow.

Ivan Dorn – Most of ingenious things in music are random. That’s how the lengthy voice appeared in the verse. Goodbye.

Gnev – Bomb bass in the last chorus words. Perhaps, everything except the sweet sax, reflects my inner state.

Sura – Initially, it did not look like that at all. Two pieces were thrown out. Sufficiently self-sufficient.

Pahatam – Cigar club.