I’m gonna spread that hot rhythm of African people.
What about you?
Shakaland chocolate shaking! I'm gonna make it!
What about you?
Get high with the tribe. Who wants to try?
What about you?
They got spirit of clapping, they make it happen.
What about you?

Everyone has inside them African sound.
Why don't we wanna turn our souls African?
There's a time to find your Shakaland tribe
Close your eyes and see that African's everyone!

Flame’s rising. Are you ready to shine?
Free your mind out of the stereotypical.
There’s a time to find your Shakaland tribe.
Close your eyes and take a trip with no chemicals.

Ivan Dorn – This song was written quickly, practically on suitcases. And as they say, all the best stuff is written in 15 minutes.

Gnev – Not mine! Once while ironing I caught myself dancing to it. Still blaming myself for that moment!

Sura – Love such bits, such bass, and vocals, and effects. Long story short, I adore Afican!

Pahatam – From 2:04