Монтажная область 1 копия 2 B O U T A

To create the Open The Dorn we organized a music camp: pushed ourselves into California conditions and limited to English. Of course we were influenced by palm trees, the ocean, the sun, air and everything else associated with California. But mainly we were influenced by musical education of Dornabanda. All together and each individually.

The album turned out so diverse, because each of us participated in its creation in different proportions and according to one’s desire. The only thing that restricted us was my vocal range.

Most of all I like it when people say that OTD should be listened to carefully. Or in other words it needs to be understood. This is exactly what I was trying to achieve. Even if we did not chase the Grammy, it would still sound exactly as it sounds now.

Thanks to Oren Raphaell, who along with me broke the law on a private parking lot and took a picture that later became the album cover. Thanks to Jean D’Armes for the title. Thanks to Sasha Chemerov for the lyrics. Thank you all for everything.

Here is ours everything. Here are our Kiev spring and summer, Californian autumn and winter, our joys, brightest romantic feelings, our regime and musical upbringing, our friends, the faith of each of our fans and our gratitude to them. Here is the result of our friendship, love and devotion to music.

The contributions of the following esteemed individuals to the “OTD” album were invaluable!
Thanks to all of you guys for your help and support!
With love, Dornabanda!

Basil ‘Jean’ Papan (“Jean D’Armes”)
lyrics, diction, pronunciation, accent training, support, inspiration
Korney Kretov, ‘Xuman Records’
Alexander Xuman, ‘Xuman Records’
Ann Bogdan
rapping/backs in “Collaba”
Alexandr Chemerov
lyrics, support, advice
Adrien Jones
lyrics editing, advising
Chris Harbach
mixing, recording, track editing
dreamweaver, track editing, belief, creation
Oren Raphael
inspiration, creation, depression killing, lyrics editing
Erin Foster
support, creation, belief
Bob Bassy Brockman
mixing, track editing
Yossi Shakked